President Duterte: “We are not cutting our alliances”

President Rodrigo Duterte affirmed amid his discourse at the Founding Anniversary of 250th Presidential Airlift Wing in Villamor Airbase, that he would not cutting any union of the Philippines in any nations.

President Duterte clarifies that he would not cutting any alliance with other countries including the United States.

We are not going to cut our umbilical cord with the countries that we allied now.” President Duterte said.

But Duterte said that foreign countries should not shout and interfere the Philippines internal affairs.

We could never be just a small country and to be shouted at or lectured upon by any foreign country or any President” he added.






He likewise portrayed the sufferings of the Filipino amid the Spanish and American Era, including the slaughters that happened in various territories of the nation amid the control of the remote nations in the Philippines.

The President likewise needs to end the psychological warfare and robbery in the Philippines, he additionally recommended to Indonesian President Widodo to crush every one of the water crafts quickly if the general population utilized it were distinguished as privateers.

He additionally guaranteed that he would give everything that the airforce expected to battle against the adversary of the country.

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