Pokémon Go next patch will make easy catch on Rare Pokémon

Pokémon Go



Pokémon Go’s next update will be a get bonus to the game that should make easy getting rare okémon, according to Niantic. When the new New Bonus Feature will come, Trainers who have earned and already got a number of medals will be in a big boosts for cathcing them all.

As players pick up medals based on catching various Pokémon types, they’ll accrue a related capture bonus. That means that players who have caught a large number of flying-types, for example, will find it easier to catch these kinds of Pokémon going forward. But that doesn’t just include Pidgey; it will also help them collect those rarer breeds that are tougher to discover and catch.

The patch remains not in schedule, but Nianatic teases that it is a “coming soon”.


Source: Polygon

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