The Nicca Pascual Scandal Video get Viral “Kinalkal Nila”.

After the controversial Rapbeh and Abbie’s sex scandals, another scandal went viral again after those videos. It’s the Nicca Pascual Sex Video Scandal, the woman at the scandal is said to be enjoying playing her cute private part and again it went viral as netizens is unstoppable of sharing and posting it.


In the said video, she is teasing at the camera and moaning while juicy fluids are flowing from his private part , she put her finger and show it to camera that lots of fluids are dripping. The video takes only 50 seconds of total length but it draws lots of attentions that got thousands of viewers.

This video have been already posted last year 2015, it was posted  by her ex-boyfriend who got mad after they broke-up.



Don’t trust anyone specially your private videos even if it’s your closest friend. It may ruin your image to the society and worst case scenario is, Your LIFE.

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