Malcolm Conlan of FIL Event posted an open letter for Actress Agot Isidro

An European and author of FIL Event posted an open letter for Actress Agot Isidro who called the President of the Philippines a ‘psychopath’.

Malcolm knows that everybody has the privilege to express their own sentiment, but he also believes that saying that kind of words to President Duterte is not a ‘smart’ move.


Regardless of not picking the right phrasing when talking out in the public, Malcolm trusts that Duterte is talking from his heart and he has done as such much good in this nation in his initial 100 days as President.

President Duterte may be a touch vocal and perhaps some might argue, may not always choose the right terminology when speaking in public. However he speaks from the heart. He has done so much good for the country in his first 100 days as President.” Malcolm said in his post.

He is proposing to increase the validity of the Philippine Passport from 5 to 10 years, he intends to make it easier for OFW’s to travel abroad in search of a better life. Even my own family have benefited from less red tape when dealing with hospitals and public services.” “He has almost stamped out, or at least greatly reduced corruption in public office. A disease which has riddled the Philippines for too many years now. I am sure now, those in public office would think twice before deviating from the rule of law or not upholding the law properly.He understand  that there’s a problem that the President must faced without sacrificing many innocent people’s lives. Malcolm also hate the term third-world country that Agot used in her open letter for President Duterte.“Then there is the drug problem, there are over 3 million Filipinos addicted to drugs, so many crimes are committed whilst under the influence of drugs. Under Duterte, look how many drug addicts have surrendered and are now improving their lives and that of their families.

He also said that President Duterte has the right to stand up for himself.

Before finishing up his post, he said that,

“Best wishes Agot, God bless President Duterte, the Philippines and her people.”


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