I gained this Legs thru Powerlifting



Just some leg progress with no fancy posing or lighting changes. Hope this sort of thing is ok here! Almost every time I see leg progress pics, the after is with a different pose and/or lighting, so I tried to make those as similar as possible to eliminate variables other than pure progress.

Info from my instagram (@pumping.fe):

“On the left is me one year into working out and afterward one year off (2013). I wasn’t doing much leg particular work and weighed 115lbs. On the privilege is this year (2016), I measure 10 lbs progressively and have been doing powerlifting particular preparing for a long time. Not just have my glutes, hamstrings, and quads developed, yet my stomach and “extra layers” have contracted. Getting into powerlifting has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I cherish what is accomplished for my body, my wellbeing, my social life, and omg it’s so much fun!”



by: pumping.fe

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