Here are some illustration from Inktober for Mental Disorders.

Once in a year,thousands of ink artist joins with Inktober, wherein for each day of the October, which total of 31 days, they ink draw.

Viral Dessert have decided to focus on mental illnesses and disorder categories.

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1) Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder – Inktober


2) Schizophronia Disorder – Inktober

3) Cotards Delusion – Inktober


4) Capgras Syndromeinktober-11

5)  Dependant Personality Disorderinktober-10

6) Obsessive Compulsive Disorderinktober-9

7)  Paranoid schizophrenia


8) Border Line Personality Disorderinktober-7

9) Autism Spectrum Disorderinktober-6

10) Post Traumatic Stress Disorderinktober-5

11) Bipolar Disorderinktober-4

12) Major Depressive Disorderinktober-3

13) Insomniainktober-2

14) Social Anxiety Disorderinktober-1

Sources and thanks to : ShawnCossArtrocities/

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