Herbert “Ampang” Colangco confess that De Lima are receiving 3,000,000 Pesos every month to allow drugs in Bilibid.

Herbert “Ampang” Colangco uncovered that a Cartel inside the Bilibid comprised of groups of detainees from the Visayas and Mindanao that he leads, had given Ex-Department of Justice and now Senator Leila De lima P3,000,000 every month to proceed with their medication business inside the National Penitentiary.



A four page affidavit obtained by the STAR, explained the amount that Senator De Lima received from the cartels inside the National Penitentiary to continue their illegal activities even they are already imprisoned.


Colangco said that P50,000,000 assessed measure of unlawful medications coursing inside the entire Bilibid Prison consistently amid De Lima’s term as Secretary of Justice.

Aside from unlawful medication exchange, Senator De Lima additionally permitted Colangco to sold brew that likewise viewed as illicit inside the National Bilibid Prison. Colangco would gain P3,000,000 pesos for 300 boxes of brew, 10 times higher than the first cost.

The Bilibid icon additionally uncovered that Jaybee Sebastian is a dear companion of Sen. Leila De Lima’s asserted beau Ronnie Dayan.

Equity Secretary Aguirre affirms that 10 detainees who purportedly proceeded with their illicit medication business inside the Bilibid Prison amid De Lima’s term as DOJ Secretary would affirm one week from now in the House of the delegates as a major aspect of the examination on he multiplication of unlawful medications in the NBP.

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