President Duterte plans to end the FREE VISA policy for the Americans here at the Philippines.

Pres. Duterte striked another hitting words to the United States of America while his speech at the Philippines-China Investment and Trade Forum in Beijing last October 20.
The President gave a hint, that the days of the Americans here at the Philippines from being free of coming in and out will be near to end.

Duterte said “Filipinos who go to America and who have the money, they are not just only berated in the visa control, in the consular office.. they are humiliated. And so maybe- Is there American here? If you are planning to go to my country, you get a visa from where you come from. Maybe it’s about time,”

In Duterte beliefs, Filipino are experiencing discrimination as they go to US.

Some of our netizens and bloggers have posted their statements on the comment section of the link below. Some also believes that the US Embassy is very very strict in releasing and issuing Visa applicants.

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