“DON’T QUIT, DO IT!” motivational quotes

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After these quotes, you must focus on your goal, don’t listen to pessimists, trust in yourself and DON’T QUIT!

• The moment you want to quit is usually the moment right before something amazing happens.

• If you surely believe in what you’re doing, paintings difficult, take not anything for my part and if something blocks one path, locate any other. In no way surrender. -Laurie Notaro

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• Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit

• When you feel like quitting, Think and remember why you started.

• In case you fall at the back of, run faster. In no way surrender, in no way give up, and rise up against the odds.

• By no means give up to your dream… because you by no means know what the Lord can bless you with.

• Don’t ever surrender. You gotta preserve attempting, and in no way give up.
• I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don’t. -Neila Rey

• I’m able to keep smiling, be fine and never surrender! I’m able to provide one hundred percent every time I play. Those are always my dreams and my mind-set. Yani Tseng

• never give up on what you actually need to do. The man or woman with big desires is more powerful than the only with all the statistics. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

• Don’t ever give up. You gotta preserve trying, and in no way surrender. Ryan Sheckler

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