“China shows respect to Philippines” by putting the Philippines Flag higher than their Flag at Grand Hyatt Hotel

While President Duterte is having his State visit in the China Republic, netizens got their attention in on the videos posted by Presidential Communication of the Philippines position that the Philippines National Flag is a bit higher than the flags of China.



This Video was recorded in the Grand Hyatt Hotel at China.
Netizens questioned of what is the meaning of this, but some have guessed that the Republic of China is just showing their respect to the Philippines.
Filipinos are so happy and proud that other big nations like China showing respect to the Philippines flag.

“Pres. Duterte once said that he will ride a Jetski to the boundaries of Spratlys and plant the Philippine Flag there. He did more than that. Look, our flag, right there in the heart of China, soaring high!!!” Netizen Reena Borromeo Isorena said.


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