“Who is more handsome, me or secretary aguirre?” by PNP Chief Bato to De Lima




Netizens responded on the post of the PNP Chief who effectively lessened the client, pusher and supply of illicit medications in his initial 100 days.

“Senator delima, you may or may not answer this question: Who is more handsome me or secretary aguirre?” The PNP’s director general said on his Facebook post.



They additionally commends the PNP Chief for being cool and entertaining in spite of reactions that he got from the supporters of Leila De Lima.

Individuals are additionally placated to what the PNP’s executive general did amid his initial 100 days.

A month ago, Senator Leila De Lima pummeled the Justice Secretary, looking at the confirmation that the Department of Justice exhibited against De Lima to Agurre’s wig.


But the Justice Secretary responded to De Lima’s tirade “I might be losing my hair, but you might losing your mind”

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