Bad Breath? Here are the reason why and tips to get rid of it.

Realizing that your breath smells like hell is absolutely embarrassing, especially when you just noticed you had a bad breath after talking to someone.

Here are some cure of that bad breath:
If you’re skipping breakfast, this could be the cause of your stunning breath.

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While we sleep, our saliva is depleted and can’t clean our plaque. This causes morning breath. Try eating sour foods like oranges for breakfast, as these help produce more saliva.

Doing an activity or working our is good for our body, but overdoing it make yourself dehydrated. And when you’re dehydrated it prevents saliva doing its job and leaves you a halitosis.

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Drink Plenty of water while you exercise everyday.


Maybe your sweet tooth is the reason of your bad breath.

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The bacteria in your mouth feeds on sweet foods and produces a nasty smell as they break them down. Parsley contains compounds that kill bacteria, so chewing on the herb will get rid of them.


Eating low-carbohydrate diet foods will force your body to get energy from ketones in your blood. This produces a disgusting smell in your mouth.


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If you don’t want to give up on your diet. Try eating crunchy vegetables like carrots. They work to stimulate saliva production and clear plaque.

Coffee are so delicious, but it will totally dry out your mouth, leaving you with bad breath.

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The best solution is to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. But If you’re in a pinch and need a quick fix, use a cloth to rub toothpaste onto your teeth — it will scrub out bacteria and give your mouth a minty fresh feeling.
There you go, now you’ll never have to worry about your dragons breath again 🙂



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