Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy without Condoms

We as a whole realize that the most prevalent approach to keep away from undesirable pregnancy for couples who get physically involved with their accomplices is by the utilization of contraceptives to be specific condoms. Yet, is it the main technique to maintain a strategic distance from inadvertent pregnancy? Here are a few pointers that we gathered and you ought to know:


1. Pay attention to her menstrual cycles. 
Do your thing during the 8th to the 20th day it will lessen the risk of pregnancy.


2. Practice the withdrawal method.
When you are about to come pull of and spray it somewhere else.




3. Birth control pills.
By taking pills, it gives couples a much more safer option.
4. Copper T
A device that is installed in the uterus area of a women to prevent pregnancy. It can be implanted through surgery performed by a doctor.
5. Sterilization
A permanent procedure that blocks your fallopian tubes and avoids the fertilization of egg and sperm cells.

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