An American Dude wearing a Duterte Ballers says that “I find him really great as a President”.

This Americang guy gets the consideration of the web-based social media after Netizen Ian Lapayo captured a picture of him and talked with why he’s wearing a “Duterte baller”.

In a Facebook post by Ian Lapayo, he showed how their gathering met an American who was wearing a Duterte baller.



They were riding a transport bus when they saw the American reading a book and they saw that he’s wearing a Duterte Baller.

Because of their curiosity, they interviewed the American and asked why he’s wearing a Duterte Baller.


He just said “”I didn’t see this guy personally (referring to Pres. Duterte) but I knew him through world news and social media, and I find him really great as a president in your country. We, Americans, are hoping to have this kind of leader in our country who is very straight forward and a love to his country. You are so lucky to have Duterte as your president. So just take care of him by showing your support and love to him.”

The group of Ian were astonished by what the American said to them. They were amazed that even foreigner salute the performance of President Duterte.

Netizens were additionally astounded that an American applauded President Duterte regardless of his tirades against US and US President Barack Obama.

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