Abbie Tolentino Sex Scandal Video titled as “Naiputan sa Ulo” went viral in Social Medias.

The sex scandal of Abbie Tolentino was leaked and went viral like a wildfire at social media starting yesterday morning November 22,2016.

Abbie Tolentino Figueroa  known as freelancer model and brand endorsers. She is also a public figure at social medias for his hotness and sexy body.

Abbie Tolentino Figueroa and Karl Enrique a.k.a Ken Mnl is a very hot topic now at social media, yesterday , it hits about 72,000+ “talking about this”, been only an hours after the video leaked.

She already deactivated his Facebook Account due to the netizens bashers actions and to the events she is now facing off. On her Facebook Fanpage, she posted that “please naman, tigilan niyo na ako, lahat tayu nag kakamali”. 

Most of the Netizens also using the hashtag #rapbeh #abbiesarap #gandangdimoinakala and many more. On the said video, her partner is asking her “masarap ba baby”? and she responded “oo,baby, ang sarap sh*t”.

abbie-1 abbie-2

Abbie Tolentino
Abbie Tolentino

Some of the netizens also confirmed she is the real one in the video that have been leaked.


In the end, Abbie is still a woman, and needs to be respected. If you have her video, I encourage you to DON’T leak or share it. Respect Woman.

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